1. Caramelldansen

  2. Antiquities…

  3. Myrtle Avenue Ritual @ JADE 9/27/21

  4. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  5. Cross✞Chapel

  6. Revelations

  7. ...i have met the avatar of death and he was very nice...

  8. Demo(nology)

  9. Tales From the Numinous Realm Vol. l - Gnosis in the Ossuary
    Poppet / Phantasy Coffin / Zebulon / iwillcrushthegodyouholdsodear / Gelassenheit

  10. Kneeling at the Site ov the All-Faery
    Arcane Mound

  11. Sinister Dogma of Self-Transformation

  12. Strange Tales from the Forest...

  13. ThE Fu†urE KinG

  14. Signs of the Heart


  16. The Shifting Metropolis

  17. The Call
    Phantasy Coffin


  19. The Numinous Voyage

  20. Archaic Tunes for a Formless Folk

  21. To Break the Cycles Obscene

  22. Rememberance of the Forgotten

  23. The 12 Imperial Sciences

  24. Ascending the Stairs Towards my Nightmares Supreme

  25. Þrymskviða

  26. ...May the Braying of the Horn Smite Those of Hatred Great...

  27. Steeds of the Dungeon
    Bem Cavalgar

  28. ֆօռɢֆ օʄ ʀɨȶʊǟʟ ֆǟƈʀɨʄɨƈɛ

  29. Chapter I

  30. Siege Engines ov Carcosa

  31. Split w/Peorð
    Poppet and Peorð

  32. Western Wizards and Eastern Ascetics
    Poppet and Skull Bearer

  33. At the Feet of Reality... The Court of Madness - EP

  34. Mastery ov the Arcane Crafts

  35. Marching Towards the Ancient Zone

  36. Carnival of Contemplative Chaos

  37. Borne of an Eldritch Fortress

  38. Celestial Callings

  39. Fever Dream

  40. The Epic of Gilgamesh/6 Yogas of Naropa split

  41. Dungeon Dub

  42. Masochistic Mysticism

  43. Infernally, I Wander

  44. Future Tense

  45. The Cyclopean Hall

  46. Sufi Synth – Hymns to Conquer the Ego

  47. Cosmic Cacophonies and Ascetic Appraisals

  48. The Mist-Ridden Times

  49. Transdimensional Travelogues - EP

  50. Enter... The Numinous Realm


Poppet Tacoma, Washington

Esoteric, Eccentric, prolific, perplexing, dour, demonic Dungeon Synth from out of space and out of time.

Poppet's monthly output is as consistent as it is consistently bewildering.

From NYC, formed in Burlington, currently based in the towers Tacoma.

Logo by Henk von Stockhausen

Love Dungeon Synth; hate fascism

I have many other projects too...
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